Department of Geology, D.J. Sindh Govt. Science College:-

D.J. Science - one of the leading colleges of Karachi, provides quality educations in a number of different fields. The college's department of geology was established by Prof. Syed Sardar Muhammad Naqvi in the year 1978. The Prof. remained associated with the college till 1993.

Abdullah Bajeer served as the lecturer in the department from 1984-1985 while Muhammad Akber Sarki's services were hired for the year 1985. 

One of the longest serving Prof. and the Head of Department of the DJ's Geology department is Syed Muhammad Maroof Hussain. The prof. is serving the college since 1981. He also founded the geological museum in the year 2009. The museum was formally inaugurated on April 23, 2009.